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Zirconium was found in nature in 1789 and the success of the material has been proven in medicine and industry. At the end of the researches started in 1998, clinical applications have been started all over the world since the beginning of 2002. Now, with this new application, the aesthetic concerns that occur in the metal porcelain restorations are absolutely eliminated and the natural teeth that are most suitable for the patient are obtained.

Zirconium porcelain teeth, made of a bright, white zirconium alloy, are more robust than metal and gold, and have a resistance of about 900 megapascals. Thanks to these properties, they can be used very easily on the teeth in the back regions. It is also very light compared to metal supported prostheses. Even zirconium is used by astronauts in space.

Non-allergic, bio-compatible, tissue-friendly, does not cause bad breath and gum disease, does not create gingival bleeding, does not make bruise on the gums, collar gum compliance is very good, light-permeable, robust, durable, healthy, aesthetic, so far in dentistry is the best material found, with superior properties.

In a very short time (3/5 days), CAD-CAM / CEREC digital technologies, computer-aided person's age, sex, facial features and the patient's photos, complaints and requests in accordance with the GOLD RATE rule in accordance with the individual smile design aesthetic smile aesthetic zirconium porcelain teeth that our patients will enjoy for a long time and are happy.

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