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He was born in Sarıyer/Emirgan - Istanbul, 19 June 1964. He is the child of Dr.Ünal Altan (neuropsychiatrist) that had worked for many years in Metin Sabancı Baltalimanı Osteopathic Traning and Research Hospital Sunal Altan who had graduated from Ankara Olgunlaşma Institute.

Firstly, he started his student life in Resitpaşa Karacapaşa (Osman Saçmacı) 1978. Later than he graduated form all that schools: 1978 Emirgan Behçet Kemal Çağlar Secondary School, 1987 Istanbul University Faculty Of Dentistry. Then he got the title as "Dentist".

In 1989, he went Aydın for his military service job. He got the medical officer between 1989-1991

Later that he had studied a lot for all this skillls in Dentistry: Zirconium, Implant, Orthodontia...
He developed himself a lot in all this branches.

He has been still working for this (Sarıyer/ Resitpaşa) dental clinic for 30 years. Dt. Fikret Altan is here for all category in Dentistry!

Our Vision

Scientific, dynamic, friendly and referred to never better his future without compromising business ethical values, the future without damaging the medicine flag taken from the families who transfer to generation, in order to make contributions to the dentistry profession is on target to be renewing an institution to develop itself constantly.

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