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Dental Implants

Dental Implant; it is an application that we call a dentist (implant / screw) which is made in place of our lost teeth or after tooth extraction. Dental implants can be easily screwed together with bone graft + collagen membrane if needed, under local anesthesia in the same session.

Treatment Process of Dental Implants;

Today, the last point reached; Implants can now be applied in the same session under local anesthesia.

Or the lower jaw 4 to the upper jaw 6 Implant can be screwed into the jaw without any problem, and fixed Temporary Prostheses can be screwed on the same day.

It is in the process of boiling to the jaw bone for 2/3 months (Osseointegration).

The number of implants is determined by Age, Gender, Face, Bone Quality, Structure, Axle / Crest length and number of missing teeth. At the end of the 2/3 month healing process, we give a smile in a short time with a personalized smile design.

Oral care, hygiene, 3 times a day / 2 minutes Brushing your teeth with a medium brush in a circular motion and visiting your dentist twice a year for Dental / Gum / Tongue Cleaning will help prolong the life of the implant and over-implant porcelain teeth.

Postponing the lack of teeth will cause bone resorption. The loss of teeth may result in more bone loss. 


Let's care about our teeth, no tooth loss.


Dt. Fikret Altan

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