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IMPLANT / zirconium

Dental Implants / Zirconium;

Dental Implant; it is an application that we call a dentist (implant / screw) which is made in place of our lost teeth or after tooth extraction. At the beginning of dental implants, instead of the tooth root, under local anesthesia, in the same session, I didn't need it easily, painlessly, we screwed it together with the bone graft + collagen membrane.

The implant procedure is not a process to fear. Postponing dental implants leads to dental / gum / bone / bone cleaning and bone resorption and consequently organic / psychological / systemic diseases. For example; diabetes, obesity, alzheimer, cardiovascular diseases or even cancer can lead to bad diseases. Then please do not delay your oral and dental problems or even treatment procedures such as implants and zirconium. Because these operations are never to be feared. Dentistry services such as implants, zirconium, if everything is done according to the rules, work in a wonderful system today. Absolutely do not be afraid.

Treatment Process of Dental Implants;

Today's last point; In the same session, under local anesthesia, implant can be applied and lower / upper jaw 4 + 4: 8 implant can be performed especially in the toothless patient group.

Or the lower jaw 4 to the upper jaw 6 Implant ready to screw the jaw bone, fixed Temporary Prosthesis can be screwed on the same day.

2/3 Months is in the process of boiling to the jaw bone. (Osseointegration) fixed, temporary prosthesis or zirconium porcelain natural tooth appearance on the implant with a personalized smile design aesthetic smile can be given.

The number of implants depends on the age, sex, face, bone quality, structure, axle / crest length and the presence of missing teeth. At the end of the 2/3 month healing process, we give a smile in a short time with a personal smile design.

Oral care, hygiene, 3 times a day / 2 minutes Brushing your teeth with a medium brush in a circular motion and visiting your dentist twice a year for Dental / Gum / Tongue Cleaning will help prolong the life of the implant and over-implant porcelain teeth.

Postponing tooth deficiency causes bone resorption. Tooth loss can result.

Zirconium Teeth do not stain cigarettes, do not darken, do not smell bad breath / gum disease, robust, resistant, light, healthy. Zirconium teeth are also an ideal solution for problematic mouths with bleeding gingivitis and bad breath. Zirconium teeth are biocompatible, non-allergic (non-allergic), tissue-friendly, do not bruise the gums, are coarse and thick, white, reflect light, aesthetic, have the inside and superior properties of aesthetic teeth found so far.

Lastly, you can see the benefit of giving importance to your controls in the 6-month periodes in your dentist. You may have cleaned up early detection of a possible tooth loss.

Let's care about our teeth, no tooth loss.


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