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For individuals, the concept of aesthetics means naturalness that looks pleasing to the eye, attractive and attractive, and at the same time gives a youthful appearance. The biggest weaknesses of people about their teeth are; their whiteness and aesthetic appearance of the teeth. Research has shown that people avoid laughing just so that their teeth cannot be seen and that they want to close their mouths with their hands while laughing.

Everyone knows how important the first impression is on the basis of communication. Smile is a common language worldwide because a perfect and aesthetic smile gives the first warmth in interpersonal communication. We are so lucky in our society; The number of people who do not need smile design applications is quite small.

If you look through the mirror when you look at things like, 'I wish my teeth were a little whiter and smoother, if my missing teeth didn't appear, my gums laugh so much so that my teeth would look a little longer.' For smile design, you've already taken the first step in mind.

The focus of aesthetic dentistry is laughter. What we call smile design is not only about designing teeth. The main purpose of smile design is to capture the most beautiful smile. To catch the most beautiful smile; planning is made considering the characteristics of the person such as face shape, skin color, gender, age, hair color and length and social status of the person in the society. Smile design (smile aesthetics); gingival length, gingival color, gingival level, tooth alignment, tooth color, lip level, alignment of lips with teeth, gums and so on. the aesthetic harmony of the factors and the laughter. Characteristic properties and elements including tooth and gum integrity are blended; one's expectations should not be ignored. While one's expectations are not ignored, it is important for the dentist to take into account the experience and orientation of the patient. Briefly, the patient and the physician should be able to meet at the common denominator to provide the desired beautiful smile.

The factors that determine the smile design are:



Facial features

Smile symmetryT

eeth arrangement and color





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