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Lamina porcelain is a type of porcelain restoration used to change the color, form and position of the teeth.

What is the advantage over other porcelain restoration types?

Lamina porcelain applications are cut less teeth than other applications. In some cases lamina porcelain can be applied without cutting the tooth surface.

Moreover, nowadays, lamina porcelain is the most aesthetic and natural material. It reflects the light transmittance of the natural tooth to which it is applied because it has very few teeth. A well-performed lamina restoration is indistinguishable from the natural tooth.

Who can be applied?

People who are not satisfied with the tooth color or have discolorations on the tooth surface as a result of drug use,In the joining of discrete teeth with gaps between them,Restoration of broken or worn teeth,Replacement of old and colored fillings in the front teeth,It can be used for straightening curved and curved teeth.

Who can not be applied to Lamina porcelain?

First of all, the teeth should not have undergone any preparation.In addition, some jaw relationship disorders,People with bad habits like nails, biting pencils, squeezing teeth,It is not applied when severe gum damage is present. However, your dentist will make the best decision for your application.

Can we see the changes that can occur without cutting teeth?

During the preparation stage of the laminates, it is possible to show the finished state of the mouth in advance by preparing temporary materials without touching the teeth at all. In other words, your dentist can show you the change that will occur in your teeth without any intervention to your teeth.

What are the disadvantages of lamina porcelain?

It requires a very precise technique and laboratory work. Therefore, the cost is higher than alternative therapies. In some cases, it may be necessary to make simple changes in the gingival level before lamina application. Some people who are unsatisfied with the tooth color and decide to apply lamina may require a whitening process.

What is the lifetime of lamina porcelain?

Lamina porcelain can be used without any problem for years with good oral care. Because they are made of porcelain with superior properties. They are resistant to staining and abrasion. To prolong their life, it is necessary to pay attention to oral care. In addition, it is necessary to avoid bad habits such as biting very hard foods and eating nails.



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