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What is Hollywood Smile?

There are some aesthetic criteria to be considered in Hollywood Smile design. The first aesthetic criterion is that our anterior teeth appear about 1.5-2 mm when our lips are in the free position and our mouth is slightly spaced. This image gives our face a younger look. Because at later ages the teeth wear, the cheeks are released down by the effect of gravity and the teeth begin to appear less.

The second aesthetic criterion is that when we laugh, when our cheeks are fully opened, there should be no dark areas in our lip corners. When creating a Hollywood smile, the teeth are designed to be slightly angled outwards, taking care of these criteria, thus avoiding the formation of dark triangles.

Another criterion is that when we smile, our teeth follow the lower lip line. When we laugh, our lower lip forms a curve and the teeth have to follow this curve from the front to the back for an aesthetic appearance.

Another criterion is the correct determination of the proportions between the teeth. Our front two teeth should not be longer than our molars. The line passing through the pupils should be flush with the sharpest tips of the molars. Of course, these rates do not apply to everyone. Everyone has a unique facial structure, and the more harmonious the teeth are with the overall proportions, the more aesthetic the appearance. That's why Hollywood Smile is developed individually although it has certain criteria.

Before the aesthetic zirconium teeth are made, in addition to all these criteria, etching is done with the thinness of a leaf from the teeth within the framework of the treatment plan prepared considering the person's face shape and jaw structure. Then, the most suitable teeth are prepared in the laboratory. And the person gets the chance to see these sample teeth prepared on the face during rehearsals. If you approve your teeth during rehearsals before your Hollywood Smile design is complete, your teeth will be finalized. And you have solid and aesthetic teeth that you can use for 20-25 years without any problems. Another feature of zirconium is its light transmittance. In this way, you can have new and more aesthetic teeth that cannot be distinguished from your natural teeth.



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