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E-max or Empress Porcelains are the most aesthetically advanced coatings made of porcelain with reinforced porcelain or completely reinforced as a block. Such coatings do not have a metal substructure or zirconium substructure as in other coatings. Laboratory stages are carried out with fully computer supported special scanner and printer systems (CAD_Cam). Therefore, they are technically very sensitive applications.

It is preferred especially in the front group teeth where aesthetics is very important, in single tooth veneers or in short bridge applications where rarely one or two missing teeth and in the teeth which have too much material loss to make lamina due to their aesthetic superiority over alternative materials.


They give the aesthetics closest to the natural tooth because their light transmittance is very good.

Less abrasion is applied to the tooth when compared to zirconium or metal-coated coatings.

No allergic reactions are observed.

Their hot-cold conductivity is very low.


Since it is not a very resistant material, it cannot be used on long bridges with excessive pressure.

It is more costly than metal-based coatings.



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