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Decayed teeth, worn teeth, tinted teeth, deformations, small-short teeth, broken teeth, intermittent teeth, perplexed teeth, closure disorder, position disorders and symmetry disorders can significantly affect our smile. Solving these problems allows the person to have healthy and aesthetic teeth.

Aesthetic Treatment applications include Orthodontic Treatment, Whitening, Composite (White light filler) applications, Porcelain Lamina, Zirconium, Laser applications and Implant treatments.

Aesthetic Dentistry Aesthetic dentistry is not only concerned with the aesthetics of the teeth, but also with the color and shape of the gums (dark spots on brunettes), gingival recession, lip shape and general appearance of the face. Therefore, dentists, gum diseases, dermatologists and plastic surgery specialists can plan our smile and facial aesthetics together for further smile designs. Interventions to the dental and environmental tissues positively affect one's smile, facial aesthetics, psychology (morale) and social communication.

Frequently asked questions about aesthetic dentistry:

What are the Factors Affecting Aesthetic Smile?

1) Suitability of Horizontal Planes

2) Smile Line

Your gender and toothy:

In women: The corners of the teeth are more rounded The laughing line is curved upwards.

For males: Teeth are more angular.

Smile symmetry: The midline of the teeth is parallel to the lip and nose tip and is flat and provides an aesthetic smile.

Order of your teeth: The position of the teeth affects the aesthetics of the smile.

Intermittent teeth.

Teeth colors: Light colored teeth make the person look healthier and younger.

Teeth length: Short teeth show the patient older. The enlarging of the teeth makes the patient smile. In particular, extending the front two incisors increases the patient's dynamics and rejuvenates the person.

Health and quantity of gums: Excessive appearance of gums can impair the aesthetics of laughter.

Shape and thickness of your lips, Nose shape.

Golden ratio: The mathematical expression of the ratio between teeth. If the width of the two front teeth 100 is assumed, the width of the adjacent teeth should be 60. The visible surface of the following teeth should be 60% of the previous one. It was found that a nice smile can be obtained when this ratio is achieved.



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