Aesthetic Dentistry: Zirconium, laminated veneer, porcelain veneer, smile aesthetics, gluing, dental surgery, inlay, onlay filling, porcelain crown or bridge, zirconium porcelain veneer or bridge, Empress porcelain crowns or bridges are named under this group.

Zirconium, Laminate Veneers : It is a kind of partial crown prosthesis made of aesthetic materials in order to restore the external surfaces of the teeth that are seen only outside the mouth. An abrasion of 0.5 mm is often sufficient for the tooth. By this means, a superior aesthetic will be achieved with minimum material loss on the front side of the tooth, and the natural structure of the other surfaces and the tooth-gingiva relationship will be preserved.

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The Golden Ratio is a geometric and numerical ratio relation, which is thought to give the most competent dimensions in terms of harmony, observed between the parts of a whole, in mathematics and art. It was first used by Egyptians and Greeks. The most famous mathematician of the Middle Ages, Leonardo Fibonacci of Italian origin, has found the gold ratio is also called Fibonacci numbers (Fi), this number is the same overlap in the universe. The proximity of a building or a work of art to the Golden ratio has also been recognized as a measure of its aesthetic beauty.

Based on this, we build on the human body, mouth, jaw, teeth and gums, and we make it to the individual aesthetic and natural teeth we create



Prior to the implant, we want a panoramic film, if necessary, dental tomography from the patient, to decide the strength of the bone and see where the implant will be screwed.

Implant is an artificial root made of titanium, instead of the missing tooth, with its porcelain superstructure, in order to obtain an aesthetic appearance in tooth loss and to restore functionality. The surgical procedure of the implant is not as difficult and painful as it is thought. On the contrary, implant surgery is actually much easier than most tooth extraction. There is no pain during the surgery that is anesthetized by local anesthesia. Implant treatment is the best solution for gaps due to missing teeth.
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Zirconium was found in nature in 1789 and the success of the material has been proven in medicine and industry. At the end of the researches that started in 1998, clinical applications were started in all over the world since the beginning of 2002. With this new application, the aesthetic concerns that occur in the metal porcelain restorations in the patient are completely eliminated and the most suitable natural teeth are obtained.

The zirconium porcelain teeth, made of a bright, white zirconium alloy, are more robust than metal and gold, have about 900 megapascal resistance. Thanks to these features, they are easily used in the teeth in the back regions. It is also quite light compared to metal supported prostheses. Even zirconium is used by astronauts in space.


It is a whitening method made by the physician. The whitening drug is placed on the tooth by the experienced physician and the blue / green light source is held on the tooth for a certain period of time and the result is immediately observed (after an operation that lasts 45-50 minutes).

Although both methods are very effective, the decision on which one should be preferred depends on the area of dental cleansing, the degree of discoloration in the tooth, how quickly treatment should be terminated, and the physician's opinion.

Teeth whitening method is applied instead of porcelain coating to darkened or yellowed teeth and this process opens up to 3-5 tons depending on the condition of the teeth.
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Also known as dental cleansing, tartar cleansing or detraction. Bacterial plaques are seen as yellow and brownish spots on the tooth surface. The physician will firstly perform an intra-oral examination, decide whether a standard cleansing or a further cleaning is required.

If the decision on deep-tooth removal is given, gingival curettage or flap operation is performed.

According to the recommendation of the World Association of Dentists (FDI), dental stone cleaning should be done at least twice a year.


Canal treatment; The removal of the inflamed or dead tooth pulp, which causes pain, abscess and cyst formation in the teeth, is removed from the root canals by filling the cavity completely with a tissue-friendly substance that is not harmful to health. Root canal treatment is not a painful treatment. This method, which is not normally a painful treatment method, if there is pain and infection in the first few days after the treatment is sensitive to the tooth in approximately 1-2 weeks, this sensitive period will be spontaneous if done according to the rules. In this case, the patient can relax by taking painkillers.

Canal treatment can be done in 1 day, as well as a period of 2-3 weeks by draining inflammation in the root end, as a result of the passage of pain in the region as a result of thoroughly clearing the channel is filled and the process is completed.
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Dental Bonding


Dental Bonding: A subgroup of aesthetic dentistry. Anterior restorations are made with porcelain or composite materials on the tooth surfaces of the teeth.

The difference between the original tooth texture and the missing part cannot be differentiated and can have a natural aesthetic appearance. No anesthesia is required, with a few hours of work results in a single session is reached. There is a slight risk of breakage, it is very easy to repair in case of breakage.

Dental bonding is also an alternative to porcelain lamina treatment according to the condition, number of teeth, aesthetic expectation, use of coloring agents and economic situation.


Porcelain teeth are the dentures performed on one or all jawbone to eliminate the various esthetic defects that are made in place of the teeth lost or lost in the teeth, to overcome the disorders of chewing disorders or asymmetric closure disorders and speech disorders.

Porcelain prosthesis is more aesthetically pleasing than a zirconia.

Bridge: In the absence of one or more teeth, it is the process of minimizing the neighboring teeth and filling in the interstices by taking support from the special coatings.

In the absence of a bridge, the patient's adjacent teeth and other opposing teeth move towards the gravity. Therefore, the deteriorating tooth leads to caries and tooth loss. If these gaps are not restored for a long time, these adjacent teeth may also be lost.
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Pediatric Dentistry, Pediatric Dentistry is another name for the 0-14 age group children's milk and the main branches of science that aims to protect the health of the permanent teeth and treatment of diseases occurring.

What Should We Do To Protect Baby Bottle Caries?
Because the treatment of caries in infants is very difficult, it is necessary to take protective measures in the early period.

In cases of premature tooth loss, the milk is taken to protect the position of the teeth, the bottom of the continuous teeth from the bottom of the device used to drive to the right place. With early withdrawal of the milk teeth and premature loss for any reason, the neighboring teeth will move towards that space. Space-saving appliances prevent irregularities, chewing and speech disorders.


Is the general name of Piyor to gum disease. Sturdy and light pink gums and teeth tightly wraps. Robust gingival gum bleeding, gum is not a retreat in the patient's mouth with healthy teeth and gums is absolutely mouth odor does not occur. Our gums are unhealthy, if not rotten tooth, even in our day could lose our teeth from gum disease.

If the gum is not treated, even undamaged, healthy teeth can be lost, and the gingival bleeding is spontaneous, even without the swinging of the teeth.

Gum disease, tooth cleaning stone (scaler) is rescued from the mouth and gums, bleeding gums by cleaning the plaque, thereby preventing our teeth and gums and mouth odor also be cleaned.
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The process of separating the tooth from the socket called the socket in the jaw is called tooth extraction, and this process depends on the difficulty of tooth extraction.

The dentist to move carefully and follow the rules, take the necessary measures to hear the case of the patient's pain, having nothing to fear from the dentist and dental extractions.

Surgical shooting is a technique that cannot be seen easily in the mouth, used at the gingival border fracture or in the extraction of buried teeth. Abscess and cyst operations, flattening the tubers, root resection, pulling the teeth of the age of 20 and pulling the buried teeth enters the surgical shot.