It is a whitening method made by the physician. The whitening drug is placed on the tooth by the experienced physician and the blue / green light source is held on the tooth for a certain period of time and the result is immediately observed (after an operation that lasts 45-50 minutes).

Although both methods are very effective, the decision on which one should be preferred depends on the area of dental cleansing, the degree of discoloration in the tooth, how quickly treatment should be terminated, and the physician's opinion.

Teeth whitening method is applied instead of porcelain coating to darkened or yellowed teeth and this process opens up to 3-5 tons depending on the condition of the teeth.


Also known as dental cleansing, tartar cleansing or detraction. Bacterial plaques are seen as yellow and brownish spots on the tooth surface. The physician will firstly perform an intra-oral examination, decide whether a standard cleansing or a further cleaning is required.

If the decision on deep-tooth removal is given, gingival curettage or flap operation is performed.

According to the recommendation of the World Association of Dentists (FDI), dental stone cleaning should be done at least twice a year.