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What is Zirconium Tooth?

People are social beings living in interaction with each other at any moment. Sometimes a sincere glance and sometimes a nice and warm smile make this interaction easier and more effective. However, not all people have the innate teeth needed for a beautiful smile, or some environmental factors may cause wear and deterioration. In such cases, aesthetic tooth covering methods are used to cover the missing tooth in numbers. Although there is no deficiency in teeth, people are applying painless and painless tooth covering methods in order to have whiter and healthier looking teeth.

In this article, we tried to give the answer to the question of what is zirconium tooth by addressing the zirconium substructure teeth which is one of the contributions of the developing technology to the aesthetic needs of the people.

Zirconium tooth is a type of tooth which is produced from zirconium metal which was discovered in 1700s, it is white, it is resistant to corrosion and temperature, it gives transparent appearance thanks to its light transmittance and it is known to be applied very easily to people who are allergic to metal.

Tooth coatings are generally applied in the form of porcelain coating and are divided into two, with or without metal support. The use of metal-backed coatings is more intensive than metal-backed coatings. Zirconium porcelain coatings are metal-free coatings and offer a more natural appearance than metal-backed coatings. Because, as stated in the description, zirconium coatings do not create a dark color in the gums because they have a light-transmitting structure.

The light transmittance of the zirconium tooth is higher than that of the metal coatings, which results in the matte appearance of the teeth disappearing, providing a healthier and more original tooth appearance.

Zirconium dental coating, on the other hand, is the most suitable type of coating that can be used for people allergic to metal. Zirconium is more and more preferred as it is more resistant to temperature and corrosion than other metals. However, zirconium used in dental production is not used as a pure mineral form but after it is converted to zirconia ceramic form. The fact that zirconium is a white substance creates a more transparent appearance in the tooth and is preferred because of the white gum edges.

Another thing to know about zirconium is that zirconium is a very reactive substance. It becomes more powerful against corrosion by being oxidized immediately in the air and the moment it enters any liquid. Therefore, the reliability of where this substance is taken is also very important. Because the interaction of zirconium with oxygen and nitrogen in the air during conversion to different forms damages its structure. Therefore, zirconium to be used in tooth making must be processed in special ovens.



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